The Photographing Tourist: A Storyteller’s Guide to Travel and Photography

The Photographing Tourist: A Storyteller's Guide to Travel and Photography

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For Immediate Release

DERBY, New York—The Photographing Tourist by author/photographer, David Noyes has been released.

“David gives those of us who have never and will never go to such lengths real insight into the lives, culture & character of the places he goes. In his pictures we can see that David relates to his subjects and environments. His photographs harmonize with the emotions, colors, architecture & vistas he is witnessing. And he brings those documents back to share with all of us…His book, The Photographing Tourist, shortens the learning curve & teaches us how to emulate his experiences to make more artful pictures. With his time-honored advice we learn how to improve our own methods.”

– Lou Jones, Lou Jones Photography, panAfricaproject

Beautifully illustrated with over 300 photographs from around the world, and featuring twelve magazine-style travel narratives, THE PHOTOGRAPHING TOURIST: A Storyteller’s Guide to Travel and Photography, by David Noyes (November 3, 2015) takes you on a journey to remote corners of our fascinating world. Through a blend of tips, techniques, advice, anecdotes, and stories, Noyes will help you develop the well-trained eye of a travel photographer and inspire you to explore new places and cultures in more depth than a simple snapshot can reveal.

THE PHOTOGRAPHING TOURIST explores the photographic challenges of traveling on a guided or escorted tour—the “tour” in tourist. For a photographer, traveling as a tourist presents many challenges, the most significant is the constraint of an itinerary. “Meet back on the bus in 30 minutes” are dreaded words if you hope to create beautiful photography in an unfamiliar place. That doesn’t mean that you can’t produce great photography on a tour; it just means you need to appreciate your travel experience and make the most of the thirty minutes, hour, or two hours you have before moving on to the next location.

Filled with Noyes’ stories about isolated cultures, exploring local life, and challenging personal adventures, this storytellers guide to travel and photography reads like an eight-month collection of your favorite travel magazine. From environmental portraits and local lifestyles, to landmarks and sacred places, the chapters explore different photographic subjects that a tourist photographer will encounter. Sprinkled throughout the book are also technical shorts with valuable information on elements of design, composition, depth of filed, exposure, using lines, and developing a point of view.

The Photographing Tourist was written to be a timeless book that is as much about the experience of traveling as a photographer, as it is the techniques of travel photography. You will learn to think differently about travel and photography and to investigate a destination as part of the human condition. Above all, this book will encourage you to truly cherish your chance encounters as you photograph the world.


As a travel writer and photographer, David Noyes has been fortunate to visit some of the world’s great places and has been touched by both the beauty and tragedy of the human condition. He has received numerous awards for his photography and travel writing including the North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) Travel Photographer of the Year, three consecutive years, and two prestigious Lowell Thomas Awards for excellence in travel journalism.

A graduate of R.I.T. and Harvard University, David started his career as a corporate and advertising photographer. He was also the founding publisher and editor of two award-winning lifestyle and travel magazines, including AAA Western and Central New York’s membership magazine. In 2013, David launched Innocent Eyes Project, Inc., a United States-based nonprofit corporation that supports child education programs in the developing world. He lives in Buffalo, New York.

TITLE: The Photographing Tourist: A Storyteller’s Guide to Travel and Photography

AUTHOR: David Noyes

ISBN: 978-0-9965239-0-5